Territorios sonoros. Resistencia artística, política y pedagógica en las Escuelas de Hip Hop en Medellín

Ángela Garcés Montoya, Gladys Lucia Acosta Valencia

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The research Sound Territories: Hip Hop Schools in Medellín, recognizes in hip hop culture a modality of urban musical creation and training through Hip Hop Schools, considered symbolic spaces of political-cultural resistance that configure aesthetic-political devices. pedagogical programs that promote disruptive forms of artistic training. The unit of analysis is the training processes in hip hop schools, which considers a reasoned sample of two schools, it is AgroArte and Red Feminista. In the field work, the political and social context where the Hip Hop Schools emerge in Medellín is reviewed, it reports a panorama of tension, since the daily life of the popular neighborhoods is marked by armed violence (drug trafficking, guerrilla, common crime) . The findings recognize how hip hop schools question the naturalization of the figures "popular youth - violent by nature" and "woman submissive to patriarchy." In the configuration of schools with an emphasis on political-cultural training, we recognize in AgroArte how its agrarian commitment manages to appropriate the territory and strengthen the social fabric, in addition to inverting the logic of relationship typical of capitalism. In the Feminist Network, its formative processes are appreciated, which reviews the forms of relationships based on gender oppression and builds rap lyrics with feminist awareness.

Título traducido de la contribuciónSound territories. Artistic, political and pedagogical resistance in the Hip Hop Schools in Medellín
Idioma originalEspañol
EstadoPublicada - mar. 2022

Palabras clave

  • Emancipated subjectivities
  • Hip-hop schools
  • Pedagogies of Everyday
  • Sound territories
  • Transformative pedagogical devices


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