Modelos de ecología de la comunicación: Análisis del ecosistema comunicativo

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The objective of this article is to describe three digital communication models that make it possible to visualize and relate aspects of the concept of "communicative ecology" and to analyze them from a critical perspective. The purpose is to account for or explain contemporary phenomena in communication, such as the role of the human being in communication processes, the effects of new media on psychological and behavioral dimensions, and political repercussions in terms of the dynamics of power and persuasion. The creation of a new cultural ecology, the metaphor of the greenhouse effect through saturation from the huge flows of information, and the role of communication processes in the network society were the three schematized aspects that took the contributions of the human sciences, philosophy and communication studies as a proposal when it came to developing the concept of "communicative ecology" from a theoretical standpoint.

Título traducido de la contribuciónModels of communicative ecology: An analysis of the communication ecosystem
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  • Communication theory (source: unesco thesaurus)
  • Communicative ecology
  • Digital communication models


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