A new corporate entrepreneurship knowledge schema as a research field

Manuela Escobar-Sierra, Pilar Valencia-DeLara, Luz Dinora Vera-Acevedo

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Some authors have recognized the study of corporate entrepreneurship as an organizational growth strategy favored by employee creativity and innovation. This study seeks to review and synthesize the current status of research, understanding corporate entrepreneurship as a research field and not as a simple construct. To this effect, bibliometric analysis has been conducted on literature, indexed by Web of Science for the past 15 years (2001-2016) using the VOS viewer version 1.6.4 software. The study sample corresponds to 556 works studied through a concurrency analysis of terms that originates a network of 87 terms with a minimum concurrency of 14, and supports the construction of a conceptual corporate entrepreneurship model. Later on, this conceptual map is being verified at an empirical level through quantitative structural equations and qualitative technics by Gioia's method. To finally propose a conceptual framework triggered by stakeholders' needs and synthesized through collaborators or employees, as a system determined by (1) organizational backgrounds, (2) entrepreneurial orientation or behavior and its link with (3) organizational performance based on the satisfaction of stakeholders' needs, as it is conceptualized by the social responsibility.

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PublicaciónAcademy of Entrepreneurship Journal
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2018

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