Microlearning strategy in the promotion of motivation and learning outcomes in software project management

Gloria P. Gasca-Hurtado, Solbey Morillo-Puente, María C. Gómez-Álvarez

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In this research, a microlearning strategy for Software Engineering supported by a mobile application was designed and implemented. The goal is to evaluate the motivation and learning outcomes in the specific context of Software Project Management, with the Scrum framework, in participants of a Software Engineering course at a Latin American higher education institution. An empirical investigation was conducted using a quantitative approach, a quasi-experimental design, and pretest–posttest measurements without a control group. A one-sample t-test for comparison of the means of a sample was used. Statistically significant differences were found between the theoretical and empirical mean of the variable motivation to learn in the specific context and the variable Stimulus for learning after interacting with the mobile application. The means were higher than the theoretical average of the scale, which suggests that the participants valued the mobile application positively. Regarding the learning outcomes of the Scrum framework, a paired sample t-test for comparison of means revealed an increase in posttest scores, although this rise was not statistically significant. Microlearning can increase the participants' motivation and promote learning in the specific context of Software Project Management. The mobile application has the potential to support microlearning since the participants felt highly motivated and agreed that its use facilitates learning, a key aspect of success in a microlearning strategy.

Original languageEnglish
JournalComputer Applications in Engineering Education
StateAccepted/In press - 2024


  • engineering education
  • microlearning
  • motivation
  • scrum
  • software project management

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  • A1 article - Q1


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