Solution of the fractional schrödinger equation using fourier discretization

Project Details


"this project aims to apply the fourier discretization method, widely used to solve schrödinger's equation, to give numerical solution to the one-dimensional fractional schrödinger equation.the development and implementation of numerical methods to solve the schrödinger equation have important applications in the treatment of mechano-quantum problems, particularly in the theoretical description of atoms and molecules. "


"extend the fourier discretization method to give a numerical solution to the fractional schrödinger equation for any one-dimensional potential"

Expected results

"this research will allow the study of one-dimensional mechanical-quantum systems described with the fractional schrödinger equation, such as: (1) the particle in a well of square and infinite potential, (2) the harmonic oscillator, (3) the vibration of diatomic molecules, (4) the rotation of diatomic molecules, among others, that have multiple applications in physics and chemistry, can be studied under the fractional schrödinger equation. "
Effective start/end date16/01/1820/05/19


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