Network control systems: new tuning rules for a process with reverse response and variable dead time

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This research proposal aims to develop new tuning rules for a network controller for processes with reverse response and variable dead time. the systems with inverse response exhibit a complex dynamic, so for its control it requires tuning techniques that consider the characteristics of this type of the industrial level, there are several systems that may have this type of response, so the control problem becomes relevant.


Generate new tuning rules for systems with reverse response and variable downtime for a network controller, which guarantee the bibo stability of the system and which allow reaching a performance index.

Expected results

Software registration: application for simulation of a virtual plant and network communication system.the proposed control technique can be applied not only to systems with inverse response, but also to systems with dead time.
Short titleControl en red
AcronymControl en red
Effective start/end date26/01/164/12/19


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