Knowledge management system for the University of Medellín

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Since the last decades of the last century, there has been a growing interest in knowledge management (gc), derived from a logic from which knowledge is considered as a productive resource of the organization, generator of value. This has given rise to the emergence of a movement around the knowledge economy. The Colombian productive sector is no stranger to this new global trend, which addresses the permanent challenges that this logic imposes. therefore, the survival of organizations is subject to a management approach that adjusts to this new scenario, to enable the sustainability of the company in the market. in the field of higher education institutions (hei) the interest in the matter is of appreciable relevance, even more so if one considers that these institutions, among others (research and innovation centers, technological development centers) are par excellence spaces for the creation, socialization and use of knowledge. Although the value of knowledge in these institutions is recognized, its management requires considering the particularities of each university, in terms of the culture, strategy and structure of the heis. Therefore, the implementation of CG projects must be in accordance with the particular characteristics of each institution.


Implement a knowledge management system for the research vice-rector of the university of medellín that allows an efficient administration of its organizational capacities and intangible resources, in order to contribute to the generation of value.

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Isi wos or scopus article, accepted, 2. gray literature, 1. software- knowledge portal. master's students, research assistant and doctoral student. international conferences, 2
Short titlePDD Gestión Conocimiento
AcronymPDD Gestión Conocimiento
Effective start/end date30/08/1622/09/21


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