Green synthesis of micro and nanometric magnetic particles for the removal of heavy metals in natural waters

Project Details


"due to its catalytic properties, its easy obtaining, high area / volume ratio, high magnetization, low toxicity and biodegradability, the magnetic particles in the micro and nano scale have been used for several years in multiple applications, at a clinical, biotechnological level , optical among others. "


"obtain monodisperse suspensions of micro and nanometric iron oxide magnetic particles by a green chemistry method, using iron salts and two plant extracts, aloe vera (l) and kalanchoe daigremontiana as particle stabilizing agents, for application as ionic mercury adsorbents in contaminated water, carrying out an interdisciplinary study that incorporates experimental developments in engineering and chemistry. "

Expected results

"this research will specifically contribute to the synthesis of magnetic particles of iron oxide in the micro and nanometric range using extracts from natural plants as stabilizing agents, making this synthesis environmentally friendly since the method currently used uses very polluting chemical compounds. "
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/07/19


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