Properties of two-dimensional photonic crystals with bravais-moiré networks

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In recent decades, a new branch of research has emerged that is based on the possibility of controlling the optical properties of materials; as, for example, obtain systems that respond to the incidence of electromagnetic radiation with signals restricted only to a certain range of frequencies or perhaps allow its propagation only along a specific direction.


To investigate the theory of bravais-moiré in the modeling of properties of two-dimensional photonic crystals.

Expected results

The study of the photonic properties in pc2d with different bravais-moiré networks projected and diversified by refractive indexes, with modeling of the commensurable angle, size of the cylindrical crystals and cylindrical networks will provide the scientific community with a greater variety of configurations that will allow a greater possibility of locating the dirac point in different positions for greater flexibility in the design of photonic devices.
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/07/19


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