Obtaining new light alloys of high added value to contribute to the development of the country's biomaterial and aeronautical industries

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The development of materials has driven the generation of new products and applications. the use of ti and mg alloys in industries such as aircraft manufacturing and in the production of biomaterials, is quite wide and still has a great potential for greater application. among the most important problems to solve in mg alloys are some of its mechanical properties and its resistance to corrosion, which despite advances achieved with the use of different alloys, there is no substantial improvement. on the other hand, the low density of mg, makes it a very promising alloy for ti alloys, which despite being considered light alloys, it would be very interesting to decrease their density. despite these great attractions, obtaining mg-ti and ti-mg alloys is quite complex given the very low solubility of these two metals under equilibrium conditions. this fact has limited the possibility of obtaining these alloys in volume and the vast majority of advances have been made in the form of thin films.


Obtain ti-mg and mg-ti alloys by means of powder metallurgy and hot isostatic pressing (hip) techniques for potential application as biomaterials and in the aeronautical industry.

Expected results

2 articles category a1, articles published in high impact journals, disseminating the results of the project; report containing the formats required for the certification of the selected aeronautical part; report of the technical surveillance of aeronautical spare parts susceptible to be manufactured with the developed alloys; final technical report containing the results of the project; 2 design and manufacture of at least one part for application as a biomedical implant and another with application in the aeronautical industry, obtained in materials developed in the project; document containing the strategy for the commercialization of the aeronautical part; 2 participation in international scientific events where you can interact and discuss with researchers on specific project issues; 2 presentation of papers at international scientific events, showing partial results of the project; 2 training of professionals at the master's level in materials engineering.
Short titleIndustrias de biomateriales
AcronymIndustrias de biomateriales
Effective start/end date27/03/1927/03/23


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