Models for the valuation of fixed income financial instruments in colombian financial entities

  • Fernández Castaño, Horacio (PI)
  • Bedoya Guisao, Juan Felipe (CoI)
  • Montes Gómez, Luis Fernando (CoI)

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The fixed income market is perhaps the largest stock market in the world, which offers a wide variety of investment options. investors, generally, know the most concrete aspects of the market, however the growing number of financial products in the market does not make it easy to be aware of these diversities, and even if a large amount of time is devoted to macroeconomic and economic conjuncture analyzes such as useful tool in the fundamental analysis is the analysis of theories and models that help to interpret the fundamental variables of the fixed income market, the behavior of prices, interest rates and the risks associated with this type of investments.


Do the theoretical and formal developments of the different models for the valuation of financial instruments of fixed income in the financial market

Expected results

Although it is not a scope of the project, it could be developed later. the temporary location is different and we do not want to be unaware that the variations in the interest rates and the sudden changes that are generated in the valuation of the fixed income financial instruments must be approached with mathematical techniques that could be used, according to the need, computational tools aided by simulation and historical knowledge of the relevant variables that should be used as a fundamental aid for the reliability of the results obtained.
Short titleRentafija
Effective start/end date26/01/1612/12/17


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