331 models without exotic electrical charges, with massive neutrinos and their phenomenology

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Neutrino oscillation experiments show that neutrinos have mass, which is why the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the leaders of the collaborations that made the first measurements. On the other hand, the Standard Model of Particle Physics, despite being a successful theory that includes the known interactions (except gravity) and that has successfully responded to an enormous amount of experimental tests, does not incorporate massive neutrinos. Thus, neutrinos are one of the few experimental pieces of evidence implicating Physics beyond the Standard Model.


Analyze the 3-3-1 models without exotic electrical charges or extensions of the ME that incorporate massive neutrinos and other possible extensions of the ME, that respect the known phenomenology, that is, that recover the successful results of the Standard Model and at the same time those of experiments involving neutrinos. In the case of neutrino oscillation, the mixing pattern and the two known oscillation phases must be correctly reproduced.

Expected results

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Short titleModelo 331
Effective start/end date1/08/2010/08/22


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