Econometric model for the daily projection of the exchange rate market price (cop / usd) for servicios nutresa sas

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In a developing economy such as colombia, based on the production of primary goods and largely determined by external demand, the exchange rate becomes a very important variable to ensure internal stability and efficient continuity of the economy. system. particularly in our country, the colombian peso-dollar parity has been gaining sensitivity to the multiple factors that could have a direct influence on its price, for example in 2014 it was ranked as the most devalued currency in latin america, after which in 2010, it was ranked as the fifth least volatile (from a sample of 13 countries in the world). said instability on the rise,it creates the intrinsic need to know with certain precision which are the circumstances that cause significant changes in the currency, and even more in what way and in what sense they do it. likewise, the elaboration of econometric models that allow a reliable projection of the same, having as a central axis the aforementioned elements, which in one way or another address such an important variable in the national environment.


Develop and implement an econometric model that allows a reliable projection of the exchange rate in colombia, based on an a priori analysis of the possible variables that address it.

Expected results

Implementation of the projection models of the peso-dollar exchange rate, in financial decisions. to train professionals with experience in research and analysis, with management of innovative tools in the application of financial models for the solution of business problems. strengthen the development of the research lines in the program. promote the positioning of the financial engineering program in the academic and professional environment
Short titleModelo econométrico
AcronymModelo econométrico
Effective start/end date26/01/165/12/17


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