Design methodology and co-creation through the structuring of a «living lab» space, for the university of medellín

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This research project proposes the conceptualization, construction of the pilot test for a future start-up of the living laboratory in design "living lab" and co-creation, d + cc / living lab a space for the articulation of integrating knowledge, where the research, sustainability from design, creativity and co-creation, will be the raw material that allows the construction of design experiences, applicable, not only to the educational environment of our university, but also, to real problems of design of the industry creative and productive, that the local community faces daily. this living lab, will be open to all the university community that wants to learn or teach, under user-centered design methods (ucd), with clear concepts of sustainability, design thinking, development and experimentation, whose purpose is to facilitate co -creation between thinking and doing design, which result in research and development ecosystems, which permanently enable educational innovation.


Develop and structure a model for the creation and implementation of a living laboratory of design + co-creation at the university of medellin «living lab», for the articulation and transmission of knowledge of design through different design methodologies and prototyping, applied to everyday design problems.

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, living lab methodology, installation of the living lab pilot test as a physical space within the university campus, product design, brand registration «living lab» udemedellin
Short titleLIVING LAB
Effective start/end date16/01/1830/01/19


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