Functional mathematics in a modeling process for topics of integral calculus in engineering courses with the use of cabri software.

Project Details


The project wants to realize that it is possible to construct functional mathematical knowledge in a modeling environment, in a specific situation with the use of technology. to do this, we are working concretely on a course of differential calculus in which we intervene in certain topics of the subject of integral calculus for engineering with activities with technology to provoke in them a functional mathematics. particularly, the cabri ii plus and cabri 3d vs 2 software will be used, which aims to address certain types of problems in a way that the apprentice is part of the construction, in order to resignify the contents that come into play so that later on they can mobilize other subjects. under theoretical constructs of socioepistemology, the construction and resignification of mathematical knowledge is addressed.


Identify which elements in a modeling process with software use (cabri) allow to build functional knowledge.

Expected results

A publication in a specialty journal of the mathematics didactics discipline, be it scopus or isi. the difference is that the research is based on a theory of mathematics didactics that has empirical evidence. the advantages are that we can show that in a modeling process with software use, it builds functional knowledge. the applications of the results of this research are easily applicable to the subject of integral calculus of our institution and would be widely available to all institutions that have the topics studied in this research. in the first instance, the students to whom the activities are applied can subsequently be extended to be used by teachers.
Effective start/end date26/01/1610/02/23


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