The social representations of violence based on gender in women and lgbti population, and the configuration of political subjects in the written press of the city of medellín between 2011-2012

  • Escobar Garcia, Bibiana (PI)

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The development of this project in the university initiates a field of research in gender that can contribute to the specialization in gender studies, as well as to the master's program in conflict and peace, both of the department of social and human sciences.the investigative purposes are oriented to question the responsibility of the media in the exercise of good communication practices, as it is assumed that they play a role


General objective to establish the types of political subjects and the social representations that make up the written press in the city of medellín based on the presentation and treatment of gender-based violence in women and the lgbti population during the 2011-2012 period. specific objective conceptualize the theoretical categories referring to political subjects, media justice, gender identities

Expected results

The present investigation is framed in the qualitative approach inasmuch as it investigates by a process of representation in the journalistic discourse about the violence based on gender and the configuration of political subjects.the scope of the work is explanatory, since in addition to establishing and describing phenomena of gender identities, it seeks to analyze its possible causes, from a critical interpretation of the discourse and from the gender approach as an analytical and interpretative theory. regarding the critical discourse analysis (acd), it is considered that because it is a multidisciplinary approach, it allows to integrate different theories and methods that contribute to the understanding of social phenomena from the use of language. the study of discourse allows to reveal the discursive strategies that are used to represent, maintain and exercise a political, juridical, social and cultural state. the acd recognizes that a way to understand an aspect of the world is from discourse is important to note that
Short titleViolencia Genero
AcronymViolencia Genero
Effective start/end date28/01/1328/07/14


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