New administrative practices as agents of change, in competitive environments. study cases.

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The present research proposal addresses from a qualitative methodology, the inquiry about innovative administrative practices in the fields of general management, human management and marketing. the study is intended to be carried out in 6 highly representative companies in the industrial and service sectors of the city of medellín, while they are national and international reference companies. the methodology of presentation of final reports and product of this research will be in the form of case studies, which allows the approach to the academy, its students and the local, regional and international entrepreneur, to the knowledge about good management practices in the fields already mentioned.


Identify innovative administrative practices as agents of change, and precursors of improvement or change in management, in representative companies of the region

Expected results

Referencing good practices. local and national smes. development of effective management processes. project that allows to identify gaps between current practices and innovative practices.
Effective start/end date20/01/1630/06/17


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