Citizen Laboratories and Social Transformation Mediated by ICTD. Human Security, New Forms of Urban Tourism, ICC and Environmental Management for Communities of Medellín

  • Érika, Jaillier Castrillón (PI)
  • Pérez Sánchez, Elkin Olaguer (CoI)
  • Perlaza Lopera, Carolina Marcela (CoI)
  • Toro Ríos, Henry De Jesús (PI)
  • Carlos Augusto, Arboleda Jaramillo (CoI)
  • Amaya Vera, Edwin (CoI)
  • Mejía Upegui , Juan Esteban (CoI)
  • Suárez Vera, Juan David (CoI)
  • Suescún Ramírez, Verónica Isabel (CoI)

Project Details


In the Colombian case, the Citizen Laboratories are just beginning their existence, and their greatest benefit has been based on the sociotechnical aspect in the face of material problems and, in many cases, of educational interest. However, thinking about the future of cities and creative industries for Colombia, designing citizen laboratories as a strategy for issues such as the environment, human security and tourism is an innovative and different exercise that entails the commitment of social groups, academia, public entities and private companies. This project seeks to create a pilot of citizen laboratories in urban localities that have lived experiences of conflict and exclusion in Medellín, its metropolitan area, through co-creation methodologies, participatory action research and design-based research, with the same inhabitants of the contexts. In addition, it will be mediated by ICTD as memory construction mechanisms. To fulfill this purpose, social innovation focused on the territory will be used. Subsequently, its replication is proposed in other areas where the Universities already have previous management experiences. Citizen laboratories, in addition to allowing collaborative, participatory, interdisciplinary and multisectoral work, generate applied research processes (R&D and R&D&i) and the consolidation of scale prototypes in relevant social conditions for the smart transformation of cities and regions with sustainable economic models from the environmental, social and economic point of view.


General ObjectiveDesign and consolidate a citizen laboratory in local communities for the generation of profitable and sustainable solutions in topics such as Human Security, urban tourism, ICC and environmental management in vulnerable populations of Medellín. Specific Objective- Characterize the selected community actors and their networks of relationship and action, for the formation of a human team based on knowledge management.- Strengthen the processes of socio-cultural appropriation of the territory from the collective identity, through the promotion of community tourism actions and the CCI as an economic alternative for the sector.- Making visible spaces, memories and significant processes developed within the territory and shaping the collective identity of Castile, through actions and strategies in alliance between the community, academia, organizations and the public sector.- Develop socio-economic proposals in the sectors, neighborhoods and nodes as alter native actions for the community where the public-private sector participates for sustainable development and exchanges of conscious local consumption.

Expected results

Generation of new knowledge -Research book-Book-participating HEIs-3 Article Q3-Accepted article-UPB/UdeMedellín/ITM(each entity responsible for one)Human resource training -Executive report of results for each HEI-Delivery of the document- All HEIs-Direction of Master's degree work-Approval of degree work-UPB/UdeMedellín-Direction of undergraduate degree work-Approval of degree work-UPB/UdeMedellín/ITMASocial appropriation of knowledge -Presentation at International event-Certificate of participation-UPB/ITM/UdeMedellín-Paper at a National event-Certificate of participation-UPB/ITM /UdeMedellín-Strategy for the Process of Social Appropriation of Knowledge to strengthen or solve issues of social interest-Workshops held/Event held-All organizations-Generation of printed and digital content-Booklet or didactic material delivered (digital)/Production of transmedia content-UPB/ITM/UdeMedellínDevelopment Te Technological and Innovative -Technical Report: Map of Actors-Delivery of document-Red 5 Castilla/Tarmac /IES-Technical Report: Georeferenced mapping of initiatives-Delivery of document-Inspiralab
Short titleLaboratorios Ciudadanos y Transformación Social
AcronymLaboratorios Ciudadanos y Transformación Social
Effective start/end date1/04/221/04/24


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