The trasmedia narrative: support tool for the development of fundraising campaigns, empowerment, social change and support for corporate communication in the third sector, case of the bio-basin alliance

  • Ríos Hernández, Iván Neftalí (PI)
  • Pinto Arboleda, María Cristina (CoI)

Project Details


The initial interest of the research is to develop a feasibility study that allows us to investigate those elements that need to be considered for the effective implementation of a fundraising strategy with the use of a transmedia narrative tool. From the field of strategic communication, we are interested in carrying out work where the principles of social change and citizen empowerment are linked within a fundraising strategy for the bio-basin alliance, a non-profit entity open to all those actors committed to environmental sustainability and the protection of water sources in strategic basins for the social and economic development of northern Santander, Colombia.


Develop a feasibility study that, based on theoretical and methodological constructs from the field of communication, allows the bio-basin alliance initiative to achieve its positioning objectives and the achievement of economic resources through the use of a transmedia narrative tool.

Expected results

Isi wos or scopus article, accepted. business product (innovation in service). bancco2 community environmental services: bank2 is a payment strategy for ecosystem services, which follows a very simple scheme, through which both individuals and companies can measure and pay for the use of ecosystem services, 100% of the resources paid They reach the inhabitant of the ecosystem/member through their cell phone to a Bancolombia “savings on hand” account. The transmedia technological application proposed for a second stage of the research can serve as a pilot model for the development of similar applications at a local, national and international level.
Effective start/end date5/07/1630/07/17


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