Impact of university practices in the university - state - society relationship

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The colombian government decided to support since 2007 the universidad empresa estado (cuee) committees, which had been strengthening in several cities in colombia. in particular, the cuee of bogotá and the cuee of antioquia, created since 2003, had taken force. in 2007 the cuee of valle del cauca, santanderes and eje cafetero were created, while in 2008 the cuee of the caribbean coast was created , tolima, huila, nariño and cauca (ramírez & garcía, 2010, p. 117). then others were created in different regions of the country. these committees have been developing activities such as: (1) innovation and technology business conferences; (2) identification of university spin off companies; (3) training activities; (4) construction of web pages with information on technological services in each region; (5) inventories of research demands by companies; (6) transfer of technologies generated in universities, among others. in some academic documents that have been published on the subject, it is recognized that the cuee of antioquia is “one of the oldest and most consolidated in the country” (ramírez & garcía, 2010, p. 118). a detailed analysis of the original objectives of the cuee of antioquia and the progress of the first years was written by professor jorge robledo (2009), from the national university of colombia, medellín headquarters


Propose strategies to strengthen the university-company-state relationship, based on professional practices

Expected results

Article isi wos or scopus, accepted documents built by undergraduate students, paper in national or international scientific event. final report of usable research for the design of internal policies that strengthen the uee relationship of the university of medellín
Effective start/end date9/08/1830/10/19


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