Impact of graduates of the communication and corporate relations program in the companies of medellin, in the period 2006-2012 (ii phase).

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Was born in 1995 and that up in 2012 at seventeen years (17) of existence in the academic and productive environment of the city of medellin, requires knowing, first-hand, that is, its graduates and entrepreneurs, the real impact that has generated in this medium and, specifically, in the business sector of medellín. although the period analyzed, 2006-2012 corresponds to one of the stages of existence of the program, its importance is relevant, since the cohorts that graduated ventured into the local sphere in small, medium and large companies. even some of them were not only hired by this type of organizations, but also established their own companies, whose classification corresponds to one of the categories, object of study in this research.


Evaluate the impact on the communication and public relations processes of the companies of the municipality of medellín in the period 2006-2012, generated by the work of the communicators graduated from the communication and corporate relations program of the school of communication of the university of medellín .determine the point of view of graduates of the program on the professional labor market in companies located in the municipality of medellin, during the period 2006-2012. - evaluate the impact of the graduates in terms of undergraduate training received, differentiating weaknesses and strengths with respect to learning and comprehensive training offered by the program.

Expected results

Descriptive-qualitative research, with the application of a general, mixed survey, with which the sample and fieldwork development will be designed with in-depth interviews and content analysis.
Effective start/end date4/02/1330/09/14


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