Hybridization and convergence of languages ??and digital technologies for the generation of a show from the dramaturgy of the event that addresses the memory of the colombian armed conflict

  • Torres Cruz, Jorge Andrés (PI)
  • Torres Cruz, Jorge Andrés (CoI)

Project Details


The lack of a medium that helps to promote the reconstruction of the memory of the colombian armed conflict, where the spectrum of the axes that make it up is highlighted, is resolved in the creation of a work of art where the visual and sound induce the public to an experience so that he can reflect on the problems of war in colombia. the project proposes the creation of an interactive kinetic-audiovisual installation, which, from a technical perspective, is based on the supposed phenomenon of the persistence of the human vision to narrate four nodal episodes of violence in which the armed actors of the conflict participated in a same area, that is, the case of the municipality of san carlos in the department of antioquia.


Create an interactive audio-visual kinetic installation that develops inputs for the construction of the memory of the colombian armed conflict and motivates the community in the participation and integration of the peace and reconciliation process before and after the post-conflict stage.

Expected results

A report documenting the creative research experience. art installation in the short term, at 1 year, during and once the research is finished, the articles produced by this research would have a high potential for publication. at least in open-themed magazines, i could enter, through the study of co-productions between colombia and spain, both in high-impact indexed journals of the first country (anagramas, among others), as well as in the second (latina magazine of social communication or communication and society). they could also be of interest for the journals of hispanic studies bulletin of spanish studies or journal of spanish cultural studies, and, for the nature of the research, in journals of cultural studies, among which communication and critical / cultural studies stands out.the main advantage is that the aim is to unify the analogue language from the structure of the plate camera with the digital video, which is projected from inside the camera, that is, to make the sum of two processes that already exist in the camera. the development of the environment
Effective start/end date5/07/161/03/22


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