Risk factors and psychosocial predictors related to suicidal behavior in university students. A multicenter comparative study.

  • Nuñez, Cesar (PI)
  • Hidalgo Rasmussen, Carlos Alejandro (CoI)
  • Aguirre Loaiza, Héctor Haney (CoI)
  • Moreno Mendez, Jaime Humberto (CoI)
  • Muñoz Arbeláez, Ana Catalina (CoI)
  • Chávez Flores, Yolanda Viridiana (CoI)
  • Caballo, Vicente E. (CoI)
  • Rojas Ríos, María Jacqueline (CoI)
  • Vilugrón Ravena, Fabiola (CoI)
  • Echeverry López, María José (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Grajales Duque, Sara María (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Salazar González, Nixon Orlay (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Cardona Vélez, Isabela (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Duque Uribe, Juliana (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Santos López, Katlyn Yulieth (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Ocampo Botero, Lesly Daniela (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Tapia Mejía, Sofía (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Agudelo Toro, Ana María (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Agudelo Osorio, Nathalia Andrea (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))

Project Details


This research proposal originates from the interest of carrying out a comparative study of the problem of suicide in university students at an international level. The purpose of the study is to analyze the risk factors and psychosocial predictors associated with suicidal behavior in university students between 16 and 25 years of age with Colombian, Mexican and Chilean samples. It is a type of quantitative research, with a non-experimental cross-sectional and multicenter design, and with a descriptive and correlational scope. A sample made up of at least 400 students from the participating institutions of the respective country will be used, with a confidence level of 95%. The following instruments will be used: Plutchik suicide risk scale, ISO 30, impulsivity scale (Barrat), Beck depression and hopelessness scales, positive and negative suicidal ideation inventory (PANSI); Emotional Meta-Knowledge Trait Scale or Trait Meta-Mood Scale-24 (TMMS-24), and Rosenberg's Self-esteem Scale (1965- RAE). The results intend to show the behavior of the psychological variables evaluated comparatively by country.


To analyze the risk factors and psychosocial predictors of suicidal behavior in university students from three Latin American countries.

Expected results

3 high-impact articles, 2 international presentations, 1 forum and 1 radio program.
Short titleSuicidio estudiantes multicéntrico
AcronymSuicidio estudiantes multicéntrico
Effective start/end date1/02/2130/06/23


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