Study of the intercept factor and concentration radius in parabolic trough solar collectors with double glass cover

  • Osorio Ramírez, Julián David (PI)
  • Quintero Suárez, Felipe (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))

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In colombia, approximately 70% of electric power is produced from hydraulic energy. the remaining 30% is composed mostly of thermal power plants that use natural gas or coal, which are responsible for ensuring the reliability of the interconnected system and absorbing peak demand. unlike hydraulic generation, the operation of thermal power plants is not affected during periods of drought, however they use fossil fuels emitting gases such as co2 into the environment, these being the main cause of global warming (greenhouse effect) [ one].


Analyze the effect of the intercept factor and the concentration radius in the performance of parabolic trough solar collectors with double glass coverage

Expected results

The parabolic trough solar collectors are currently considered a mature technology and an excellent alternative for the generation of electric power commercially and also for water heating, cooling, desalination, among other applications. despite the advances in this type of technology, there is great potential for improvement from the reduction of energy losses that occur at high operating temperatures
Short titleColectores solares
AcronymColectores solares
Effective start/end date16/01/1817/01/20


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