Study of the feasibility of a su (3) cx su (3) l x u (1) x model without exotic electrical charges, with economic scalar content.

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The fermionic sector of the models su (3) cx su (3) l x u (1) x will be studied for a model without exotic electrical charges, using the minimum higss sector [1], called in the scientific literature, as the economic model.the research work consists of showing, if there is a possibility or not, of generating quantitatively and according to the experimental dimensions the mass of the charged fermions, both at the tree level and at the radioactive level, using the higgs mechanism and evaluating it at the


General study a 3-3-1 model using specialized software without electrical charges exotic, with minimal higgses content, and show whether they are realistic or not. specific implement the 3-3-1 model in the sarah program, including the fields bosonic and fermionic respective, as well as, the different lagrangians that describe the interactions of the model. calculate the bosonic masses of the model. find the different diagrams to a loop that the masses could generate of the three lightest quarks in the model. calculate the fermionic masses of the model, both at the tree level and at the loops level. "
Effective start/end date15/01/1910/02/23


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