The colombian-spanish film co-production system: narrative, commercial and cultural links in the production of films from 2003 to 2013

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This research process is part of the research line of "cultural and creative industries" of the school of communication of the university of medellin. the focus of this investigative process consists of studying the feature films co-produced between colombia and spain since the entry into force of law 814 of 2003, called the film law in colombia. this as such law defines as the central purpose the creation of a national film industry and from it all series of actions leading to such purpose are derived, and of course, in the history of colombian cinema this period is the one with the highest production of films under the co-production system. at the same time spain has the law of cinema, law 55 of 2007, which in the same sense seeks to strengthen the processes of production and dissemination of spanish cinema.


Analyze the process of film co-production between colombia and spain in terms of participation, competitiveness, quality and meaning within the framework of cross-border cooperation and its contribution to the development of film activity in these countries.

Expected results

In the short term, at 1 year, during and once the research is finished, the articles produced by this research would have a high potential for publication. at least in open-themed magazines, i could enter, through the study of co-productions between colombia and spain, both in high-impact indexed journals of the first country (anagramas, among others), as well as in the second (latina magazine of social communication or communication and society). they could also be of interest for the journals of hispanic studies bulletin of spanish studies or journal of spanish cultural studies, and, for the nature of the research, in journals of cultural studies, among which communication and critical / cultural studies, for example . in the medium term, to 2 years, the book is proposed to be edited by editorial recognized by colciencias,to that extent, the first editorial effort is directed towards sello editorial u de m.
Effective start/end date26/01/1615/03/17


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