Development of magnetic nanostructures of niquel-zinc ferrites for the generation of electrical energy using spin seebeck effect

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Recently, studies and research have been increased in the search for new materials and in the development of emerging technologies, to reduce and prevent global warming. among these, thermoelectric generation has begun to regain its interest due to recent discoveries in which its efficiency has been considerably improved using combinations of nanostructured materials and new forms of power generation using spins; then, the search for new forms of thermoelectric generation is of the utmost importance and is in line with current research in the area of ??renewable energy. the production of energy by thermoelectricity is one of the promising technologies to make effective use of dissipated heat (generated by a variety of sources such as: sunlight, electricity generating plants, chemical plants, industrial furnaces, automobiles, etc.) as it allows the direct conversion of thermal energy to electrical energy, whose devices consist of solid-state materials that can be scalable. this proposal aims to shed light on the mechanism of thermoelectric production through the spin of the electron in magnetic semiconductor materials based on nickel-zinc ferrites.


To manufacture magnetic nanostructures of ferrites of znfe2o4, zn0.5ni0.5fe2o4 and nife2o4 for the generation of electrical energy by means of the seebeck effect by spins.

Expected results

2 papers, 2 research articles in indexed international magazine a1 and 1 article in magazine a2
Effective start/end date23/05/1923/05/23


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