• Anzo Múnera, Edith Joann (PI)
  • Jaramillo , Juan Rodrigo (CoI)
  • Mazo Uribe, Cristian (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Trujillo Cárdenas, Daniel José (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))
  • Valencia Uribe, María Camila (Research Assistant (Undergraduate Student))

Project Details


This research proposal is derived from the results of the project "Proposal of a model of curricular intervention of Education for Sustainable Development in International Business Programs in Colombia" in which the methodological starting point was elaborated to be able to diagnose the component of sustainability in the top 14 world universities, which have undergraduate International Business programs. These universities were selected from 4 international rankings that measure different items to classify the programs. Once this classification was achieved, it was possible to measure, through the Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (HCA) methodology, the level of each Sustainability subcomponent: Social, Economic, Environmental and Sustainable Development for the programs and thus identify globally of the course structures the level of participation of contents related to sustainability in each program. After carrying out this exercise with the Top programs in the world, a sample of 15 International Business programs in Colombia was obtained to replicate the diagnosis and know the current status of the sustainability component in their course structures. This project has as its main objective develop curricular strategies to increase the sustainability component in International Business Programs from the application of the Clustering methodology to measure the Sustainability Component in course structures for international business programs; in order to generate a point of reference for Top international business undergraduate programs that allows programs in Colombia and Latin America to improve the sustainability component in the structure of their courses. This will allow, in turn, to visualize and develop strategies for its implementation.


General Design a roadmap to implement the sustainability component in the Specific International Business Programs-Carry out a diagnosis of the Sustainability component in the International Business programs of Latin America and Colombia.-Measure the level of implementation of the Sustainability component in the Top International Business Programs in Latin America and Colombia.-Build a benchmark of the International Business programs in Latin America.-Compare the benchmark of the International Business Programs of Latin America with the benchmark of the Top programs worldwide.-Propose the Strategies for the implementation of sustainability in the International Business programs of Colombia from the benchmark of the Top International Business programs worldwide and in Latin America.

Expected results

2 ISI WOS or Scopus articles, accepted- 1 Road Map Application to increase the Sustainability component in the curricula of international business programs in Colombia and Latin America.-1 Student of the Economics Program of the University of Medellín.- 2 International Business Undergraduate Students at the University of Medellin.-1 National or international presentation with the results of the project.
Short titleSostenibilidad programa Negocios Internacionales
AcronymSostenibilidad programa Negocios Internacionales
Effective start/end date25/01/2124/01/23


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