RIGHT OF ACCESS TO JUSTICE FOR VULNERABLE PEOPLE -Special reference to people in situations of extreme poverty

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Justice as a worthy life project. That all people have a decent life project is justice. Having guaranteed access to education, health and housing is characteristic of a just society. That the human rights of all inhabitants be respected, without discrimination, is legality and justice. Having opportunities for "affirmative action" for the people who form indigenous and Afro-descendant communities, and other human groups in the condition of their specific rights, such as those of women, is perhaps the highest equitable expression of justice.


Analyze and disseminate, through training by technological means, some solutions for the difficulties that vulnerable people due to a state of extreme poverty, disability, Afro-descendants and migrants encounter, to access justice, in the Municipality of Medellín, contrasting with the standards of access to justice that the European Union has implemented, for these vulnerable.

Expected results

Article and acceptance note by the ISI WOS or Scopus magazine. Informative E-bookApp for vulnerable population Doctorate training
Effective start/end date21/01/2121/12/22


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