Contribution of literature in the resignification of the concept of violence in the context of post-agreement. new representations of violence in a corpus of colombian novels written from exile between 2000 and 2016. "

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Sooner or later, writes the novelist and essayist william ospina: "war must learn to become dialogue, violence must learn to become a social demand and silence must learn to become narrative (ospina, 2013). in the awakening that favors the peace agreement signed between the colombian government and the farc guerrillas, on september 26, 2016, ospina's phrase articulates with renewed urgency the need to work on overcoming a history of violence that for more than of half a century has been part of the colombian national culture and collective identity. facing the immense challenges of a national reconciliation project that has not yet begun, the literature written by colombian authors with a transnational perspective, will play a crucial role that explicitly compromises the question of how new forms of representation of our violent past can foster the conditions for a more viable and desirable future.


Characterize the type of representations of violence present in the colombian literature of the 21st century written by contemporary colombian authors who have lived outside of colombia and their contribution in the resignification of historical trauma, critical memory and the configuration of identities, in the context of the postconflict

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Article isi wos or scopus, accepted.corpus of colombian literature of the 21st century. we will open a call to link a co-researcher teacher. articles in indexed journals (2). submit an article to the canadian association of hispanists' annual conference.collection of printed material not available in north america.papers: ix medellín negro international literature congress (medellín, colombia). xxxi black week of gijón (asturias, spain).atlantic provinces association of hispanist's annual symposium.gathering of the association of canadian hispanists. lasa annual congress.congress of the humanities and social sciences (spring 2018). xlii iili 2018 congress pontificia universidad javeriana, bogotá.latin american studies association annual congress (spring 2019).association of hispanists of the atlantic provinces annual symposium (fall 2019).disseminate our research through post-traumatic latin american culture courses and contemporary colombian literature at both the undergraduate and master's chair on fiction novel of the 21st century written by colombian authors contemporary colombian authors who have lived outside of colombia.academic publications on post-traumatic latin american and colombian literature. canadian journal of hispanic studies. studies of colombian literature.
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