Communication and good living in the territory: towards the construction of a sovereignty of the territory and the preservation of local memories.

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This research proposes a dialogue of recognition and articulation between the theoretical and experiential developments of the concepts of communication and good living, memory, territorial sovereignty and sustainable development, based on the recognition of the participatory action research processes promoted by the academy and social groups and community, whose practices put in dialogue the ways of organization, practices, knowledge and subjectivities that are making the basic postulates of a communication for good living.


Build knowledge through a dialogue of knowledge around organizational experiences in communication, education, memory and social mobilization that have links with territories, in order to systematize methodologies, pedagogies, knowledge and social practices that promote social and territorial fabric and that build new senses about memory, territory and good living.

Expected results

Two (2) article isi wos or scopus, accepted, working document (protocols and summary) of the results and conclusions of the project, book result of research, 2 international event presentations, interactive digital cartography on organizational processes and their narratives on memories, communication, social mobilization and good living. 2 regional meetings of dialogue of knowledge in communication for good living, campaign of joint action and communication on peace building from the work of organizations, digital dictionary: notions and definitions on communication for the good to live, memory and territories. learning booklet and methodological accumulations
Effective start/end date22/07/1918/12/20


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