Understanding the linear function –fl– and the arithmetic mean, mediated by the calculator: an analysis from the neuromatemática

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This research project considers, from an epistemological point of view, the characteristics of the mathematical concepts related to fl and arithmetic media and, from a cognitive point of view, the challenges that their learning and teaching demand. in particular, it is intended to address teaching and learning using as references the theoretical instrumental genesis framework, whose main interest lies, according to trouchè (2000), in the transformation of a technical tool into an instrument for mathematical work, as key elements in the cognitive-didactic process. it is in this specific aspect that the neuromatemática report becomes necessary and relevant for the purpose of complementary cognitive processes, contributing to consolidate learning and understand how they are performed in complex processes, associated with the teaching of mediated mathematics by cas environments (computer algebra systems), detecting from the neuromatemática the processes related to neuroeducation.


Design didactic proposals for a school level, considering a certain body of mathematical knowledge using the calculator, this from an analysis of the neuromatemática

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Effective start/end date21/01/1930/01/20


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