Airhis (air health information system): design of a support system for online information and communication management on air quality and its effects on human health. a preventive, educational and investigative platform for the benefit of the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of ??the aburra valley

Project Details


Airhis develops and implements a technological solution that combines hardware, software and information and communication systems (airmaforo), allowing the capture, processing, analysis and communication through the online sending of updated information on the critical episode of air pollution that is occurring in medellín and its metropolitan area at that time, its effects on human health and preventive and educational recommendations for its inhabitants in accordance with the world health organization's approaches.


Desarrollar un prototipo funcional que sirva de sistema de apoyo para la gestión de información y comunicación online sobre la calidad del aire en la ciudad de medellín

Expected results

Prototype and pilot test
Effective start/end date15/07/1930/01/20


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